CA certificates for SQL database connection

Hi everyone!

I’m using Spaces to host a Gradio chatbot application.
I want to log users’ interactions storing them anonymously on a SQL server.
This way, I can check how the application is behaving and fine-tuning it.

I’m using Cockroachlabs to provide a free SQL server
(Connect to a CockroachDB Cluster)

Everything works well in my local environment, but on spaces, I need help understanding how I should handle the CA cert required for the connection.
Therefore, as soon as I upload my new code, it does not work as Cockroachlabs is not accepting requests from spaces.

My end goal is to log user interactions in a SQL server so anything work: either with another (ideally free) SQL hosting solution (if you have any suggestions) or learn how this CA cert thing works on spaces.

I have limited experience as a programmer: I started doing it in my free time using chatGPT as a tutor, so I basically hammer my way around frantically copypasting code and learning random things.
My knowledge can be dramatically lacking in some areas, but I like to learn, and this CA cert thing seems essential stuff to understand… am I right?

Thank you!!

Hi, just for record, I solved by using this service found on google