Cannot install orbax-checkpoint due to uvicorn error

I was trying to rebuild my HuggingFace space when I encountered a really annoying error. I started to debug it and concluded that the problem is in orbax and its dependencies (or, less likely, in pip itself). My only row in requirements.txt is:


Feel free to play with the demo:

The full error logs are:

Also, I’ve opened an issue in orbax repo: google/orbax/issues/510
This advice (specify uvicorn>=0.3.1) does not help: pypa/pip/issues/10856

Indeed, I was just relaunching one of my spaces - a converter forked from camenduru’s one - with really minor code changes. This issue in very annoying and upsetting me :frowning:

Hi @NickKolok , It looks like an issue with Gradio, please use version gradio==3.44.3

Thank you very much for your advice, @radames! In indeed helped!

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