Correct usage of push_to_hub

Hi I’m confused about these 2 lines of code

!git config --global ""

!git config --global "myusername"

What are they used for?? Should I put there email and username I’m using for huggingface or github??

Also I trained a model using Trainer with push_to_hub=True without running these lines only logging through notebook_login() and new repsitory was created but nothing was pushed to it. Was not running these lines the reason?

Those lines just set up your git identity (see Git - First-Time Git Setup), but I don’t think that you need to run them, since huggingface_hub should handle it. As long as you use notebook_login() you should be fine.

It’s strange that the model wasn’t uploaded! Did it show any errors? Or did the training seem to complete successfully with no errors at all?

@NimaBoscarino Training completed without any errors

That’s really weird! If the training doesn’t take too long, do you mind running the training again? And if you have a notebook on Google Colab, could you share a link to it? That way I can inspect it, unless you’d rather not publish it. Hopefully it was a temporary hiccup.