Delete organizations / models from the Hub


Another organization removal request please: kuisailab (KUIS AI Center)

Thanks a lot!

@asafaya removed

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Dear @julien-c , this is a little bit embarrassing. But could you please delete the organization Fraunhofer (InnoDataLab) ? I am new here and I did not know that as soon as one sets up an organization, the person is also the admin of it. For legal reasons, I am not supposed to do it. So, it would be very helpful if you could delete this organization for me. Thank you very much!

thanks for the note, done.

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Dear @julien-c, I made a similar mistake.
Could you please delete the organization ‘onmydev’ having its username ‘ modeler .’

Sorry for my mistake.

Hey, is it possible to remove my organization myorg87?

Thank you very much!

@IssakaAI done

ooops i just see you edited/deleted your post – sorry about that! let me know if i can help in recreating the org if needed?

No worries. I think we are fine without an organization for now.

Hello, @julien-c could you kindly assist me to delete this organization: tambuahealthai (Tambua Health AI)

I created it for testing purposes but it needs to be deleted.

this has been done

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Hey @julien-c my company has duplicated HF organizations. Can you go ahead and delete neural (Neural Magic) ?

sure, this has been done

Hi there, would you mind deleting my organization asahi417backup? Just made a dummy organization for testing purpose but realize I couldn’t delete it afterall.

Thank you so much!

@julien-c Forget to mention you.

this was done