Error while uploading files larger than 10Mb

Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago I successfully uploaded 60 files to the Hub using this code:


The files ware tagged with a LFS icon which is visible on the hug page:

Now I’m trying to execute the very same code, from the same machine I used before, but I’m getting:

Error when retrieving LFS file brwac_train_0.txt

That file is 60Mb large.
Only files at 10Mb or less is getting uploaded this time.

Am I doing something wrong?

I have git-lfs installed on my machine, and I have executed huggingface-cli lfs-enable-largefiles assets as well.

Thanks for helping.

Guys, forget about this… It seems the new version of huggingface_hub, v0.10.0, has fixed the problem.