[Feature Request] add Solara support to spaces

Solara is becoming more popular as a web-app framework, and it would be great to add hosting natively to Spaces.

I’ve moved all of my personal work off Streamlit and into Solara. It’s not hard to get it running in Spaces with a Docker image, but it’s sufficiently easy to run (solara run app.py) that it would be awesome for HuggingFace to add it as a native option!


Please support Solara! It has become my favorite package for developing web apps with pure Python. It is very powerful


Solara primary author here :wave:

Really happy to hear this :heart: and willing to help to make this work.

If this requires private communication, please use maartenbreddels@widgetti.io otherwise this channel or GitHub issues at GitHub - widgetti/solara: A Pure Python, React-style Framework for Scaling Your Jupyter and Web Apps are good.

Thank you for the suggestion.

@maartenbreddels, you’re more than welcome to create a Solara organization and add some starting templates using our Docker SDK. If the community grows and expresses more interest, we would definitely considerer adding it as a official SDK. thanks

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