JupyterLab Space: Help completing a Space setup to get JupyterLab running and accessible via browser

Hello Friends:

I’m new to HuggingFace, but not new to JupyterLab or Docker (running both at home).

I setup my first Space today and selected JupyterLab via Docker. I didn’t know what to expect, but imagined (perhaps even hallucinated :grin:), that at the end I’d end up with a read-to-go JupyterLab web URL that I could browse / navigate to. I was wrong. I couldn’t find instructions for how to complete the setup to get JupyterLab going. The example I see seems to be for a Flask Hello, World (or similar). That’s not what I want.

Can anyone point me to
instructions and/or a tutorial to complete the steps to get JupyterLab running in my JupyterLab via Docker Space. Again, the Space itself is already configured; I just need the last mile to get a web Notebook running. (Or maybe I just have the metaphor incorrect, in which case feel free to correct me).

Thank you in advance. :hugs: