Share Jupyter Notebooks on HuggingFace Spaces

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I’m working on a framework for converting Jupyter Notebooks into interactive web applications with minimal changes to the notebook itself. The framework is called Mercury GitHub - mljar/mercury: Convert Python notebook to web app and share with non-technical users

It is possible to share Jupyter Notebooks on HuggingFace Spaces! You can check the docs about the deployment Deploy on Hugging Face - Mercury Docs

Recently there was a change in the URL address structure for Spaces apps. What is more, Heroku is ending its free tier at the end of November 2022. With all those changes, HF Space is a great alternative to Heroku for Mercury deployments.

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really cool, thanks for sharing! opening a small PR with a suggestion improvement directly on the Space repo

Really cool stuff. For those wondering, here’s the Space where you can interact with the Jupyter Notebook.

@pplonski curious if it’s possible to edit the Jupyter Notebook inline in the Space?

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Awesome. hope to have it available soon.

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I’ve made significant changes in the Mercury framework. We moved from YAML config to Python API to define widgets. Here is a new documentation on how to deploy notebooks as web apps.