Free Access for Masters Dissertation


I am supervising a Masters Student who’s dissertation is titled:

“Building a Generative AI-Powered Code Migration Pipeline for Application Modernisation”

As you can probably guess from the title, the student is hoping to use Large Language Models to build a pipeline to migrate code projects/applications from one language/framework/version to another.

As we all know, interacting with LLMs in a way that is in performant and reliable is expensive.

I was curious, has anyone ever got access to to paid resources on hugging face, for example, the Pro Inference API for “free” as part of an academic endeavour? Or does anyone know of any process to request this from :hugs: ?

Many thanks in Advance!

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As far as I’m aware, the Pro inference API does not come for free for academic projects, you have the free tier for that purpose. As for getting funding, the general approach is to apply for a research grant and to use your grant money towards your research.