Gradio install selenium chrome-drive

How can i install the chrome-drive in a Gradio workspace?
it seems not as simple as in colab

Hi @Fyaer can you elaborate a little more? What steps have you taken and what error are you getting?

Thanks for reply.
Maybe it is not as simple as in colab,considering there are compatibility problems about installing application by python command.
i switched the project to a docker project.

Hi @Fyaer I write a gist here how to do it: install selenium in gradio · GitHub

Also i created an example space here that takes screenshot with selenium in gradio:

This is totally cool, friend. @kargaranamir
Simple and elegant.
If only i borrowed your knowledge earlier :melting_face:

May I ask is there any method to listen "download completion " event which is triggered by a button-click action in a headless selenium?