Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-es page says it's AutoNLP compatible, but is it?

MT doesn’t appear to be in the list of supported tasks. How do I use AutoNLP for this model?

usage: autonlp <command> [<args>] create_project [-h] --name NAME --task TASK [--language LANGUAGE] --max_models MAX_MODELS
                                                 [--hub_model HUB_MODEL]
autonlp <command> [<args>] create_project: error: argument --task: invalid choice: 'translation' (choose from 'binary_classification', 'multi_class_classification', 'entity_extraction', 'extractive_question_answering', 'summarization', 'single_column_regression', 'speech_recognition')

We havent enabled autonlp for translation tasks. I’ll take a look and see how easy it is :slight_smile:

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Hi @abhishek, just checking back to see if you’ve had a chance to investigate enabling autonlp for translation. Cheers!

It will be available latest by next week!

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