I made a big billing mistake

I am a newbie to this site and I set up a duplicate space of zeroscope yesterday. Well, apparently the model has been running this whole time and now I’m being billed for 33 hours! I only used about 10 minutes and then closed my browser. I’ve sent an email to billing and to support but haven’t heard back yet. I’m panicking. Is there anything I can do?

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I am having this same issue. This site isn’t novice friendly at all. I set up a space for zeroscope to play with. I was under the impression hardware time was calculated only while it was rendering, not that it was charging for idle time as well. I have gone in and tried to delete it, but the space won’t delete. I’ve tried to change equipment tier but that doesn’t seem to work either. Luckily pause worked, but I still can’t delete it / turn it off. Some support would be greatly appreciated.

I’m actually curious about this. I have been wanting to try to duplicate a space and try some out using the GPU but have been fearful for this reason. Is there a minimum time for using a space? Can I simply buy a GPU space for only (approximately) 1 hour?

Please let me know how this works out, or how I can avoid a 33hour charge like you incurred.

The same thing happened to me. Set up a Zerscope space for an hour of use (a little under $4 an hour) and found out a week later I have been charged 400 dollars because it’s been running the whole time. I emailed them asking for help. Did you get your situation figured out?