Join the Hugging Face Discord!

We’re excited to announce our official community discord server! :space_invader: We will have community events, sprints, reading clubs and more! Here’s the link to join:

Once you join, I highly encourage you to:

  • Introduce yourself in the #introduce-yourself channel
  • Verify your Hugging Face account at the #verification channel (cool stuff coming from this in the future!!)
  • Share a picture of your pet to spread some joy in the #pets channel (this one is my personal fav :heart_eyes:)

Whats the difference between the forum and the Discord?

  • The forum is meant to be a place to ask questions and get answers
  • The Discord is meant to be a place to connect with people in the community, collaborate, host events, etc.

So, any questions should still be directed here. :hugs:


From looking at the HTML, it seems that that is an empty link. I know it’s November 1st, but aren’t jokes for April 1st? :wink:

For future visitors who like to click instead of type, here you go.


whoops, nice catch! I used markdown syntax to add the link, but it didn’t go through :thinking: not sure what’s up with that. Anyways, I fixed the link in the original post too. Thanks, Bram :hugs: