Need help. How to make a general chat bot

I know nothing about computers, and am totally confused about this site, but I see the need to create a chatbot without the woke agenda. I would like to create a chatbot that follows logic and reason, the scientific method etc to reach conclusions, one that is interest in the truth and not the woke agenda, one that will search for the truth. I know that this is not going to be popular with those who want to brainwash the masses, as the woke are afraid of the truth but an AI grounded in truth is more important than ever. If someone is interested or wants to help me achieve this, or just to teach me how to build a bot then I would be greatful. I have watched hours of videos so I have an idea of what is needed but not how to do it. My name here is owenfince. Maybe we could create a community that is interested in this project