Password was breached

When I logged in I was notified my password was in 37 data breaches. I was forced to change my password, which is fine. But when I do a search, from and Did your password leak online? | Check Your Email & Password | Avast, Im not listed in any breaches. Was this just trying to tell me my password was too common? Its entirely possible, I gave this site my bare minimum password, I dont use that password on anything important.

Just looking for some clarity. If my shit was stolen 37 different times and is public I wouldnt mind knowing which sites are at risk.

I guess nobody knows. Either way, I went and did another search of my email and I couldnt find any known breaches. I know one of my older emails was breached, but I dont care, havent used it seriously in like 8 years. And that email is more secured’ish now. I do check it now and again to see if I missed something when I moved. Mostly I just get spam and very old accounts from random websites, which is just a reminder for me to delete those accounts usually.

I got the same thing.

It just means that someone with that password has been compromised, not necessarily you, or even a huggingface user. It only checks the password, not the account.

It’s really annoying when sites do this. It basically forces us to come up with a password that nobody has used before. If they’re storing passwords correctly (hashed and salted, i.e., not storing the password at all) then they have no reason to worry.