Restoring edit access to Winoground


At some point, I lost edit access for this repository, even though I created it: facebook/winoground 路 Datasets at Hugging Face

I鈥檓 pretty sure that my edit access was lost a few months ago, right after someone deleted all of the Facebook models/datasets on the hub. Hugging Face had to restore these datasets and models.

Now that I have some pull requests for it, I鈥檓 wondering if someone can restore my access?

Thank you!


Hi @Tristan, from what I can tell you鈥檙e still a member of the org, but indeed your rights were change to read-only in July by a Meta admin. You should still be able to open PRs but not merge them.

If you want merge rights for facebook/winoground 路 Datasets at Hugging Face, I invite you to open a discussion in the repo to ask for contributor rights and ping some Meta admins such as shivaMeta (Shiva Koduvayur)

Thanks, I鈥檒l do that

Also: publish new stuff on the Hub @Tristan !! :heart: