Romanian NLP - Introductions

Salutare! :wave: :romania:

This is the introduction thread for Romanian NLP enthusiasts.

To get started, please introduce yourself with any of the following:

  • Your name, Github, Hugging Face, and X / LinkedIn handle;
  • Some projects you are working on or interested in starting;
  • Any potential directions you have in mind for the Hugging Face Romanian community;
  • Any other languages that you speak, any personal interests, or anything else :soccer:

My name is Madalin Tatarciuc - @MadalinTat - GitHub, @cetusian on :hugs: and @madalin-tatarciuc on LinkedIn. I am from Brasov, Romania :mountain: I work as a junior ml engineer and business developer at Omdena where I am building ml solutions for a variety of causes and developing the business side of the company in Romania.

My personal goal for creating the Romanian NLP community on HuggingFace is to grow the fine-tuned models on the Romanian language in order to be able to bring more solutions to our countryโ€™s problems such as education and healthcare.

Other interests of mine are chess, film photography, fiction books, and ju-jitsu. :martial_arts_uniform:

Looking forward to meeting all of you and building together great things! :raised_hands: