RUN statement in Dockerfile getting skipped in HF Spaces

I have set up a minimum viable example deployment here.

Inside, you will find that I have downloaded the .whl file of the Ta-Lib library, and in the Dockerfile I am trying to install it with RUN file.whl. But, from the build logs, it seems to totally skip that line and not install the whl file. What’s the problem, and how do I fix it?

I am having to go through this convoluted way of trying to install this library because I have tried all of pip install talib, pip install ta-lib, pip install Ta-Lib, pip install talib-binary and some more variants that I found in some articles on the web on this issue that were claimed to have worked, but none of them seems to work in my case. And downloading the wheel worked in my local machine, but it seems to not work in Huggingface.

hello @kristada673,

To instal that lib on a custom Dockefile you might need a few more steps, including installing talib, which involves a compile install step, here is the complete Dockerfile and template for you to duplicate Running with Gradio

Hi @radames, this dockerfile that you link above is the exact one I used eventually for running my actual project. After I failed to install talib using the whl file, I did some more research and found this wayof installing it works. However, my question still remains that why can’t we install a .whl file with pip install in HF, specially since that is the way I installed it in my local machine?

Specifically, why is it skipping that line in the Dockerfile? Because if it did not skip it, it would be installed, right?