Space Static website template not working

I created a static website using the Space Static template without making any changes. While the Space URL (Website - a Hugging Face Space by giswqs) is working fine, the direct URL ( returns a 404 error.

Hmm, I think this might be an issue with spaces for the Static Static website template.

Try duplicating this space and seeing if it works for you. Hotdog Gradio - a Hugging Face Space by NimaBoscarino

The space works using the shared spaces URL.

The example you provided is not a static website. You can try creating a new app using the Static website template. The direct URL to an HF static website does not work.

Hi, this is a known issue, will try to get this solved asap


should be fixed!

Let us know if it works now

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It works now! Thank you very much for fixing it.