Stuck "Preparing Space"

I recently published the following space: Tortoise TTS - a Hugging Face Space by mdnestor

Starting earlier today, users are unable to load the space, it is stuck “Preparing Space”. I am not seeing anything in the logs, and the app works fine locally, so I assume it is relating to Spaces. No idea where to start with this… any ideas?

I’ve had a similar problem with spaces and my question hasn’t been answered, neither here, nor on the Discord server, nor by email. Other topics are covered by service team members.

Anyone knows the status of the service team at the moment for Spaces?

Hi @mdnestor it seems like your Space build successfully. @huggie99 are you trying to deploy a GPU based hardware? Please let us know if you’re still having issues

@huggie99 here is the context

Good to know. Thanks.