Using NLP for People On Low Income in the UK

Hi all,

I run a company in the UK and we have a 3 year project to use solutions such as NLP to help people on low incomes. Think a Facebook bot in Messenger that can fill out a housing application. I have been working towards this for 6 years and got the funding just a few months back. We have already started with a bot that helps people find Food Banks in their area in Cornwall. We have now started to look at using NLP for Universal Credit Benefit advice using Government sites. I was wondering if there are any other people doing something similar or would be interested to know more.

We want to create a NLP Question and Answer solution that outputs text that has a different tone that is more approachable. We will be deploying soon on WhatsApp and SMS also. We have a new team and using Huggingface just felt like the perfect first step.

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