A propably foolish AI idea

If this is the wrong place to be posting this, mods please move or remove it. I am earnestly looking for help and some advice but have no wish to offend. I know I am new here.

I have been looking for a place to post this idea for a project I’ve had, which seems wildly implausible but which I can’t think of any reason why it actually is. It is for a mobile AI chatbot focused on personal security, that utilizes a 3d avatar to interact with users and stores user data on the blockchain.

There are a few key points:

  1. It is not just code, it addresses the business model necessary to break free from the advertising based business model used by google which is inherently abusive toward user data.

  2. I think it uses blockchain technology in a new way, but I lack the expertise to determine if its possible - the pseudocode doesn’t include my ideas for separating what needs to be stored on layer 1 vs layer 2 versus using traditional encryption methods. There are also some potential systemic changes to storing data on a schedule as opposed to immediate commits to the ledger. Not all user data is so important that it needs to be immediately stored, so at scale a network could backup data when the resources are available for non-essential data.

  3. It involves personalizing an AI chatbot to a degree never attempted by gathering all kinds of data, including biometric such as facial recognition/pupil response, voice inflection, and potentially body language or anything a phone’s camera/speaker can observe - or any other kind of input which can build a more personalized model (tensor) to create an individualized model for each user.

This may be ridiculous. I’m going to post a link to the pseudocode I have, if anyone would mind taking a look:


Here is a description of the project I wrote, with the business model following:


The Zynkbot project is an ambitious effort to create an AI companion to provide a filter to help humans deal with the technology and complexities of today’s world. It would be an AI assistant whose only interest or motivation could ever be helping you. The main goal of the Zynkbot is to provide an AI protector that helps individuals navigate the challenges posed by predators, scammers, marketers, corporations, and governments.

Zynkbot is particularly useful for protecting the elderly and gradually expanding the security system for children as they grow up. For older individuals, the Zynkbot can provide assistance with technology and act as a companion to help prevent loneliness and isolation. For children, the Zynkbot can be used to monitor online activity and gradually expand privacy settings as they mature and become more responsible, while removing worries about having to balance the need to respect a child’s privacy against their well-being. The innovative aspects of the Zynkbot project are centered around personalization and security. These are the two major obstacles to creating a successful AI companion and the Zynkbot project attempts to tackle them both.

The collection and storage of personal data is a sensitive matter, and it is essential to establish robust security measures to ensure that user data is protected. One of the innovative ways that Zynkbot addresses security concerns is through the use of blockchain technology. The blockchain provides a decentralized and secure method of storing and sharing data. By utilizing the blockchain, Zynkbot can ensure that all data collected and stored is tamper-proof and cannot be altered without detection.

Furthermore, Zynkbot’s use of the blockchain allows for greater transparency and accountability. Each transaction on the blockchain is recorded and can be easily traced, providing a verifiable record of all data interactions. Ironically, establishing a trustless system to store user data creates the necessary trust between a user and their bot.

Personalization is the other major obstacle in development. The AI-powered personal assistant must be able to tailor its interactions to the unique needs and preferences of each user. The Zynkbot will be trained using machine learning algorithms to learn about its users and provide personalized recommendations based on their preferences, behavior, and needs.

The Zynkbot is built with a modular and scalable architecture that allows for easy customization and integration with other systems. The API and blockchain components of the Zynkbot provide a robust and secure infrastructure for the bot’s operation, while the client-side software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The personalization process of the Zynkbot allows it to provide tailored assistance in various aspects of an individual’s life, including health, education, travel, fashion, and more. Here are some examples:

Health: The Zynkbot can use biometric data and machine learning to provide personalized health recommendations and reminders. It can monitor the user’s exercise routine, track their nutrition intake, and suggest workouts or healthy recipes based on their preferences and goals. The Zynkbot can also be programmed to remind the user to take medication or schedule appointments with healthcare providers.

Education: The Zynkbot can act as a virtual tutor or mentor, providing personalized guidance and resources for learning. It can recommend books, articles, videos, or online courses based on the user’s interests and learning style. The Zynkbot can also create custom study plans or flashcards to help the user prepare for exams or learn new skills.

Travel: The Zynkbot can provide personalized travel recommendations based on the user’s budget, preferences, and previous travel history. It can suggest destinations, accommodations, and activities based on the user’s interests and travel style. The Zynkbot can also help with travel logistics, such as booking flights, hotels, or rental cars, and providing real-time updates on flight delays or cancellations.

Fashion: The Zynkbot can act as a virtual stylist, providing personalized fashion recommendations based on the user’s body type, style preferences, and budget. It can suggest outfits for different occasions, provide fashion tips, and keep track of the user’s wardrobe inventory. The Zynkbot can also help with online shopping, finding deals or discounts, and tracking shipping updates.

Financial Industry:

Personalized financial advice
Investment recommendations
Budgeting tools
Spending tracking
Bill payments
Account management

Legal research and analysis
Contract management and review
Document automation and assembly

Providing real-time updates on emergency situations
Delivering personalized emergency alerts and evacuation plans
Offering first aid and medical advice
Assisting with emergency resource management
Providing emotional support and mental health resources
Coordinating communication and information sharing among emergency responders
Assisting with search and rescue operations
Offering guidance on emergency preparedness and response

The Zynkbot has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and solve some of the challenges posed by modern life.

Business Model

Zynkbot offers a freemium model, where users can access the basic features of the AI companion for free, while advanced features are offered on a subscription basis. The basic features of Zynkbot include natural language processing, machine learning, and access to the API and blockchain components of the software. The advanced features of Zynkbot include a personalized 3D avatar, personalized biometric data, and access to streaming devices.

Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy for Zynkbot includes social media marketing, content marketing, and targeted advertising. Zynkbot will create a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with engaging content designed to attract the target audience. Content marketing will include blogs, articles, and videos that provide information on the benefits of Zynkbot and how it can help users. Targeted advertising will be used to reach the elderly, parents, and busy professionals.

Revenue Streams:

The revenue streams for Zynkbot include subscription-based revenue for advanced features and advertising revenue. The freemium model allows for a large user base, which can be monetized through advertising revenue. Advanced features will be offered on a subscription basis, with pricing based on the level of customization and access to advanced features. A free trial period of 14 days will be offered to users who want to try out the advanced features.

Here are some advantages that the Zynkbot project has over competitors:

Personalization: The Zynkbot’s ability to create a personalized user model based on behavior and biometric data allows it to provide more effective assistance and be a better companion to the user.

Security: The use of blockchain technology and various security features ensures the security and privacy of user data, making it less vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks.

Customization: The modular, scalable architecture of the Zynkbot allows for easy customization and integration with other systems, making it more flexible than competitors.

Innovative features: The use of machine learning and natural language processing, as well as the ability to stream a 3D avatar to external devices, make the Zynkbot more advanced and innovative than other AI assistants.

Focus on protection: The Zynkbot’s primary focus is on protecting users from the challenges posed by modern technology, such as predators, scammers, marketers, corporations, and governments, making it particularly suitable for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and children.

Backup data: The use of blockchain technology provides a backup of the user’s data, so that it can be easily restored in the event of data loss.

A simple webpage I created because I can’t stop thinking about this idea:


Here are some potential monetization strategies - some of these are dependant on the ethics of the founders, such a offering data analysis or insights, and only advertising ethically, others such as the subscritpion to services are merit-based:
Subscription-based model: Users could be charged a monthly or yearly fee for access to the Zynkbot’s advanced features and personalized assistance.

Freemium model: A basic version of the Zynkbot could be offered for free, with premium features and services available for purchase.

Affiliate marketing: The Zynkbot could partner with other companies and receive a commission for referring users to their products or services.

Data analysis and insights: The Zynkbot could offer data analysis and insights to companies and organizations in various industries, such as healthcare or finance, for a fee.

In-app purchases: Users could purchase virtual goods, such as personalized avatar accessories or virtual backgrounds, within the Zynkbot app.

Sponsored content: The Zynkbot could display sponsored content or advertisements to users, with revenue generated through ad impressions or clicks. However, it’s important to balance the monetization strategies with the user experience and not overwhelm the user with too many ads or promotions.

The concept of Zynkbot is the culmination of my fascination with artificial intelligence, science fiction, and human-computer interaction. It is a product of my childhood imagination, inspired by the likes of Star Trek’s ship computer, more recently things like Blade Runner 2049’s holographic girlfriend, and the endless possibilities presented in the hundreds of science fiction books I read when I was young.

I have been thinking about it actively since ChatGPT was first released and I had a “conversation” with it about everything from theoretical computer science to consciousness and the difference between mind and self. The more I tested the limits of what I thought it could do, the more I realized that I might be able to create the Zynkbot. I suppose one might say I’ve been working on it part time, though I haven’t really stopped thinking about it for months.

I am sorry if all this is completely crazy and useless, if anyone can tell me why it is I would actually be somewhat gratefull to shelve it and move on with my life. Thanks to anyone who takes a look at it or offers feedback. I am working but will chack back.


Posted this a few days ago. If anyone has any thoughts on it feel free.please. I’m a compsci grad and educating myself about machine learning. My idea is something that I understand seems incredibly difficult, requiring people with UX design, 3d modelling, blockchain expertise, machine learning, NLP, biorythmic data analysis, API design, and straight-up software engineering, almost all of it beyond my ability.

However, I think it might be possible, and if it is it would be a personal AI companion you could trust. Its monetization strategy is global. If it worked, and it captured any significant portion of the AI chatbot market at all, it would be so much better than Siri or Google Assistant. If even just programmers and security minded users such as those who use protonmail to start tried it, with a subscription of $3.99, we would be talking billions in revenue if you do the math. I really just want some feedback on roadblocks. Maybe its impossible.

I think that you should teach the bot to analyze the users personality so that it can better interact with them. Also the user should be able to personalize the bot saying what kind of personality they prefer to interact with