CLIP Guided Diffusion HQ Error

Hello everyone.

Sorry for my english and my questions, but i need your help =)
I’m just a user and can’t understand why it has stopped working.

I’m using CLIP Guided Diffusion HQ (CLIP-Guided-Diffusion - a Hugging Face Space by akhaliq) for creating nice images. But for the last 5-6 days i had errors.

Here are few errors:
1st one: error 504 gateway time-out
or 2nd one “error after trying create image”
or it has stopped working without error.

I’m trying to understand what’s going wrong.
I have found the new published versions and the errors have started.

So i have a few questions:

  1. How can i fix it?
  2. May be i can go on earlier version?
  3. Can i download it for using particular version (without errors) on my PC? Or need i download all Dataset too?

Thx for answers, happy new year.