Contextual Recommendation of Adages, Allusions, Anecdotes, Aphorisms, Jokes, Proverbs, Quotes, Lyrics, Poems, Stories, and Witticisms

Hello. I would like to share some ideas with the community with respect to a research and development project.

These ideas involve conversational search and recommender systems for wisdom materials including adages, allusions, anecdotes, aphorisms, jokes, proverbs, quotes, lyrics, poems, stories, and witticisms.

One implementational approach involves using vector databases for wisdom materials and using dialogue-context vectors for looking up the wisdom materials. As envisioned, when end-users engaged in dialogues with AI systems, e.g., narrating personal experiences or occurrences, AI systems could conversationally recommend ranked lists of wisdom materials to those end-users.

Any thoughts about or building upon these ideas? Thank you.

Should these topics interest you, I created a quick article: Artificial Intelligence and the Contextual Recommendation of Wit and Wisdom.