I need a roadmap for use custom trained chatbot on Django

Hi my friends,
I am very very new in Hugging Face. I wanna make a chatbot with trained my custom datasets (lots of books, articles, patients symptoms…) and use on my Django based website.
So, i searched lots of things and always find intents like this…
{“intents”: [
{“tag”: “greeting”,
“patterns”: [“Hi there”, “How are you”, “Is anyone there?”,“Hey”,“Hola”, “Hello”, “Good day”],
“responses”: [“Hello”, “Good to see you again”, “Hi there, how can I help?”],
“context”: [“”]

I have a few questions. When i looked this patterns and responses i must give questions and answers. But i want answer from chatbot. I wanna load a book and find answers from these informations like chatgpt.
After searching lots of things, i found Hugging Face.
I am not computer engineer or software developer, i am a simple mechanical engineer.
Exactly i want chatgpt for just my datasets.
I am thinking is there any way to do my chatbot with trained my custom data and the use on my django website?
When i looked a little bit hugging face, i saw llm’s like gpt2, bert, roberta… And again i saw train the model with custom datasets. And when i looked some chatbot samples in hugging face, i thought my project in my head can be made with hugging face.
So, firstly, my project can be with hugging face?
If the answer is yes. Could you give me roadmap, forexample, how can i prepare custom datasets, forexample how can i load a book for my datasets…etc.
I need your help, thanks.