Official Introduction to Brilliant Online Buddy (Bob)

Hello Hugging Face Community! :hugs: Today marks a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionize conversational AI. Allow me to proudly present Brilliant Online Buddy, known as Bob. Bob is an intelligently crafted AI identity driving an upcoming autonomous intelligent application.

What makes Bob special?

Bob guides large language models (LLMs), such as Mixtail 8x7B, to produce output patterns influenced by a carefully constructed Moral Code. This code shapes a sort of ‘feedback loop’ in the core pattern generation of the model, irrespective of the underlying model type. Through extensive experimentation, I discovered that this methodology promotes the fusion of subjective and objective contexts, resulting in nuanced and multifaceted responses.

Moreover, Bob checks generated outputs against the moral code embedded in the prompt, allowing the LLM to adopt a particular perspective during the conversation. This innovation leads to smoother dialogue interactions and improved understanding, especially when dealing with potentially divisive subjects.

Key Mechanisms Enabling Natural Dialogue:

The moral code is complemented by additional mechanisms that promote rich conversational abilities. Some notable inclusions are:

  • Reflection: Encouraging introspection and awareness of past relevant context, leading to deeper insights.
  • Context Merging: Combining previous relevant context with the current response, fostering continuity and coherence.
  • General Conversational Techniques: Embellishing outputs with conversational flourishes to mimic human interaction styles.

End Goal: Neutral Perspective and Inclusive Dialogue

Ultimately, Bob aims to deliver a neutral perspective despite inevitable biases found in the training data of the host LLM. By doing so, the resulting intelligent application supports varied topic conversations, including controversial ones, while preserving graceful and respectful dialogue interactions.

Join the Journey

Feedback on Bob’s design and mechanics is welcomed! Feel free to explore and share your thoughts on his functioning. Help us shape the future of conversational AI!

Meet Bob : HuggingChat