Some minor things that could change

Hello fellow humans :wave: (AI joke)

It’s pretty strange for me some little things that are set here, for example:

Regarding the models stored in Huggingface, I had 2 downloads on it and now I have 4, I did use the Hosted inference API to test it… does running it count that it was downloaded? it is a very strange feeling of having something private having more downloads like that.

If I am in a University group, why does it not have a setting that I can set so that only people with the same email (MyName@UNIVERSITY) can request to join the group? I do receive a lot of requests just because people, that do not even have any relationship with the university, or its researchers in the AI field, want to join the group just because they feel like “it would be fun”.

Why Hugginface’s settings for the visibility of the private models are automatically set like: “Only you (personal model) or members of your organization (organization model) can see and commit to this model.”?
I don’t feel like sharing anything if I don’t agree beforehand because sometimes it’s just some garbage model that I am creating just to be able to do some research and studies… because I thought it was private I didn’t change this setting and someone from the same group as mine happened to download a model of mine and later on asked me which dataset I used… and I was like “how do you even know that I have this model?”.