Where can I give my feedbacks?

Hello Everyone,

I am lucky that my invite was accepted and I got to try out a hands on AutoNLP and I personally believe that autoNLP is AWESOME. I am wondering if there is a form where I can suggest or give my feedbacks based on the experience of using AutoNLP. I am yet to try out all the things but I would like to share my thoughts as I do so.

Thank you for your time. Kudos to the team for launching this amazing product. AutoNLP is going to be the next big thing.

Hi @prateekagrawal - thanks we would love to hear your feedback! Please email autonlp at huggingface dot co to reach the whole team. Looking forward to reading you!

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@jeffboudier Thank you for your reply sir. AutoNLP is truly amazing.

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Hi, I saw this message on my Announcing AutoNLP – Hugging Face page:

Your account is now enabled for AutoNLP! 🎉 We sent you an email with everything to get started! 🚀 `

Great but I did not receive any message (even in Spam).

Could you send it again? Thanks in advance.

@pierreguillou you can get started by reading the README too: GitHub - huggingface/autonlp: 🤗 AutoNLP: train state-of-the-art natural language processing models and deploy them in a scalable environment automatically :slight_smile:

Thank you @abhishek but how to get YOUR_HUGGING_FACE_API_TOKEN (I did not receive an email with this number)?

Hi @pierreguillou, you can find your API token in your HF profile settings: https://huggingface.co/settings/token (be sure to be logged in)


Many thanks :slight_smile: