All ports in use

Hello everyone!

I’ve been getting “OSError: All ports from 7860 to 7861 are in use. Please close a port.” this error while using space. Is there any suggestion to fix the problem?

Hello @Neslihan, nice to see you around here :hugs:

It’s good to restart a Space from the settings. (I restarted it for you, it works but you have a SyntaxError from what I see)

All the best,

Thank you @merve :blush: :hugs:

I’ve corrected the SyntaxError. The current version is working perfectly on my local machine. I’ve also restarted the space after the correction. But I’m still getting the same error. I might be using gradio-launch wrongly. I will check the documentation.

@Neslihan I did another factory reset and I got the error again, I’m checking with the Spaces team to solve your problem. Thanks a lot for your patience :heart:

Thank you @merve
(and big thanks for introducing huggingface to us :hugs: )

Hello Neslihan,

You set the SDK to streamlit but it should be gradio, I opened a pull request to your Space’s repository.

I merged your pull request and additionally changed the SDK version. It’s working now, thank you @merve :blush: